We want to "fold in" our effort with those of Franklin Graham on May 4 to pray for revival.

Franklin Graham’s “Decision America 2016” Rally is scheduled for noon May 4 on the front terrace of the Capitol.

We hope to see you and your friends there!

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Rights of Conscience… Are You Asking the Right Questions?

SB 180 promotes the time-honored principle of “live and let live”

Freedom of conscience has been long respected in America. The free exercise of religion is considered America’s “first freedom.” SB180 is designed to uphold that freedom and to clarify the junction where civil rights intersect – the newly-created right to marry someone of the same sex and the longstanding right of conscience and right to free exercise of religion.


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Rights of Conscience: Honored Since Our Founding

In 2013, when The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was being considered, opponents made a number of crazy claims. Now they are at it again with regards to SB 180. What is everyone so afraid of? Take a look at the claims made in 2013, including Planned Parenthood's opposition.

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